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Frankfort Cater to Cowards Dentist

Do you feel stress or anxiety at the thought of visiting a dentist? You won’t feel this way when you visit Dr. Smith’s office.

Dr. Smith understands many people suffer from dental anxiety so he “caters to cowards.” In fact, for over twenty years, he has helped numerous patients conquer this common fear and many continue to receive their dental care from him.

Dr. Smith and his staff are also known for their kind and gentle chairside manner and their non-judgmental attitudes. No one will judge you because you avoided dental care for a long period of time. We are pleased you trust your dental care to us, and we’ll strive to give you a positive experience every time.

How Dr. Smith Caters to Cowards

  • Dr. Smith and his staff make you feel like their only patient and they won’t proceed with any procedure until you’re comfortable.
  • Dr. Smith and his staff have a kind and relaxed chair side manner and they won’t judge you because you’ve avoided dental care in the past.
  • Dr. Smith will use gentle techniques if you have minor anxiety. If you suffer from major anxiety, he may suggest Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas).

Using Nitrous Oxide to Cater to Cowards

Nitrous oxide is a mild sedative gas that is often referred to as Laughing Gas. It’s used to relieve stress and anxiety during dental procedure. It is breathed through the nose during the appointment. One of the reasons it is so popular is that it’s convenient. It goes into your system quickly, and it wears off in approximately 2-5 minutes at the end of your appointment. You are able to drive home immediately after your dental procedure and go about the rest of your day without worrying about any lingering effects.

If you’ve been fearful of visiting a dental office, Dr. Smith understands. Give us a phone call or visit our ‘Request an Appointment’ page.