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"Frankfort Emergency Dentist"

Frankfort Emergency Dentist

If you’re suffering from a toothache or major dental discomfort, call us right away. We’ll see you today – even if you’ve never been to our office before. Your dental health is important to us so we leave room in our day for dental emergencies.

In Case of a Dental Emergency, Call Us Now: (502)-875-9750

Having a toothache is misery and could be a sign of something more serious like a spreading infection so it’s important to not ignore the signs. In many cases, ignoring the problem may lead to more severe consequences, pain and expense.

Sometimes people fear dental appointments if they’ve had negative experiences in the past. Other times, they feel anxious because they haven’t been to a dentist in a long time or they’re concerned about the expense. Dr. Smith realizes you may have fears and since he understands this, he and his staff will make sure your visit is relaxed and comfortable.

Dr. Smith has special expertise in handling orthodontic emergencies so if you’re considering immediate help, he is the right dentist to see.

Important Reasons to Contact Frankfort Emergency Dentist:

Toothache: This generally happens when a tooth is infected due to decay under an old filling or a crack in a tooth that allows bacteria to enter and infect the tooth pulp. The sooner the patient sees a dentist, the better chance of less invasive techniques to solve the problem. If things go too far, a root canal treatment may be necessary.

Lost crown or filling: If you have a temporary or permanent crown that fell off, it’s important to see us. You need to address this right away as otherwise your teeth may shift and the crown may not fit. If you’ve lost a filling, we can often replace it for you.

Chipped or Broken Tooth: This may not cause a lot of pain but, if it’s a front tooth, you may consider it an esthetic emergency. A quick dental bonding procedure can get your tooth looking like nothing ever happened.

•Orthodontic Emergencies: There aren’t very many orthodontic emergencies but sometimes things happen and you don’t want to have to wait three to five days to see your orthodontist. Dr. Smith has expertise in handling orthodontic emergencies. If you have loose or broken braces, major discomfort or soreness, sores or ulcerations inside your mouth or broken wires protruding into your mouth, call us.

Traumatic Damage to the Teeth: If you have a tooth knocked out, gather the tooth, keep it in a moist (not dripping) towel or a glass of milk and see us right away. We may be able to do a replant if you see us soon enough.

Call Dr. Smith’s Office at: (502)-875-9750. The sooner you call, the sooner you’ll be relieved of pain and discomfort.