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Frankfort Mercury-Free Dentist

Dr. Smith is a mercury-free dentist. Although he was trained to use amalgam fillings in dental school, he stopped practicing with this material in 1995.

Amalgam fillings are often called “silver fillings,” but actually consist of just over 50% mercury and the remaining material is an alloy made mostly of silver. They were first discovered in the 1840s and were used extensively until the mid-20th century when a new, white composite was created. It was in the late 1980s that composite technology advanced to the point that composites were durable enough to serve as fillings on back teeth.

The white composite became popular because the material bonded better to the tooth and it was aesthetically pleasing – no more silver showing in the mouth.

While there is no proof that amalgam fillings are unsafe, many people do have concerns about having fillings in their mouth that contain mercury. Dr. Smith understands those concerns and is a mercury-free dentist.

Why Dr. Smith Uses White Composites:

  • Blends with your natural teeth – don’t see silver
  • Seals weak tooth areas from recurrent decay
  • Requires less tooth structure be removed
  • Less post-operative tooth sensitivity
  • Bonds better with the tooth and makes it stronger